Paul McCartney Has Written A New Song For Ringo Starr


Paul McCartney has written a new song for his former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr.

The track is called ‘Feeling The Sunlight’, and will premiere this Friday (August 25), which will feature on Starr’s upcoming EP ‘Rewind Forward’, arriving on October 13.

The EP which comprises of four songs overall, will mark Starr’s first release since his album ‘Whats My Name’ in 2019.

Recent times has seen Starr opt for an EP format, having released EP 1 ‘Zoom In’ in March 2021, ‘EP 2 ‘Change The World’ in September 2021, with ‘EP3’ arriving last year, ahead of this upcoming release ‘Rewind Forward’.

“something I said out of the blue”

Ahead of his upcoming EP, Ringo Starr also released this statement.

“Rewind Forward was something I said out of the blue – it’s just one of those lines like a Hard Days Night. It just came to me. But it doesn’t really make sense,” Ringo said with a laugh about the title. “I was trying to explain it to myself and the best I can tell you about what it means is: sometimes when you want to go forward you have to go back first”, Starr said.

While the album was written with his engineer and co-writer Bruce Sugar, many tracks have also seen Starr work with long time collaborators including Steve Lukather and Joe Williams, along with his brother in law Joe Walsh, Benmont Tench, Mike Campbell and of course McCartney.

“We’ve been writing a song now for every EP”, Starr also added.

Check out the track list for the EP below.

1. Shadows On The Wall (Lukather)
2. Feeling The Sunlight
3. Rewind Forward
4. Miss Jean (Campbell & Tench)

McCartney Pays Tribute To Michael Parkinson 

Speaking of McCartney, the music legend paid tribute to his close friend Michael Parkinson, who passed away last week aged 80.

Hailing him as a “great guy”, McCartney lauded Parkinson, who featured on the artwork for Wings’ album ‘Band On The Run’.

“Through the years I got to know him more and more, and appeared on his chat show quite a few times. He was a pleasure to talk to and we always had fun”, he continued.

Adding “He appeared on the front cover of ‘Band on the Run’ as one of the escaping convicts in the title song. He was very knowledgeable about many subjects and a keen sports-lover”.

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