Paul McCartney Honours Bruce Springsteen At Ivor Novello Awards


Bruce Springsteen was recently honoured at the Ivor Novello Awards, becoming the first international songwriter to do so.

Springsteen was honoured with the prestigious award, following in the footsteps of Elton John, Kate Bush and Annie Lennox in the process.

This award recognises the best in creative musical achievements, with the recipients decided by award-winning songwriters and composers from the Ivors Academy.

“keep this brief”

Bruce Springsteen was presented with this award by Beatles music legend Paul McCartney at London’s Grosvenor Hotel last night.

Presenting this award to Springsteen, McCartney also joked: “Like Bruce’s concerts, I’m going to keep this brief,” referring to the Boss’ three hour plus concerts, before adding that he “couldn’t think of a more fitting” recipient “except maybe Bob Dylan, or Paul Simon, or Billy Joel, or Beyoncé, or Taylor Swift. The list goes on”. 

“He’s known as the American working man but he admits he’s never worked a day in his life”, McCartney added.

While accepting the award, Bruce Springsteen embraced Paul McCartney, and paid homage to his “long and wonderful history”. 

He also thanked the fans who have supported him since his first ever show in Hammersmith almost half a century ago, describing them as “extraordinary”. 

“These are my people”

Elsewhere, Bruce Springsteen also spoke about his recent show at Sunderland’s Stadium Of Light.

“We came out last night, and I was like, ‘What is this weather? Driving rain, wind roaring But standing in front of me, in the rain, I realised: These are my people”, The Boss said.

“Some of them are young, some of them are children, and some of them… wore lines on their faces, of lives hard-weathered and well-lived. Those are my people here in the UK. People I have written for and about, and then I can still find them standing in front of me”.

He also said that performing for his fans “remains one of the greatest privileges and honours of my life as a musician”.

The Boss added: “I want to thank you for taking my music into your hearts and into your souls. I want to thank you for including me in the challenging and beautiful cultural life in the UK”. 

Last week, a star studded cast turned up at Croke Park to watch Springsteen for his show at the venue as part of his ongoing tour. More on this here.