Paul McCartney Speaks About Being A Songwriter


In a recent interview, Paul McCartney spoke about his life as a songwriter. Funnily enough, he said he still doesn’t really know how to be one.

Speaking ahead of the release of his new compilation album Pure McCartney, the singer said he feels like he’s starting from scratch every time he works on a new album.

In a recent interview with NPR, Paul McCartney spoke about songwriting and how he still feels like it’s always a new experience for him. He said “There’s no point where you think ‘OK, now I can do it’, as it’s a little more fluid than that.”

He continued saying “You talk to other musicians and it’s always the same. You go into the studio thinking ‘Oh, I know how to do this’, but then you realise you’re doing it all over again and starting from square one again. You’ve never got it down. Music is fluid, and I like that. I wouldn’t like to be blasé and think ‘I know how to do this.”

McCartney also spoke about the music school that he set up and what he says to his pupils “The first thing I tell students is ‘I don’t know how to do this. You’d think I do, but I don’t. It’s not one of those things you ever know how to do. I could tell you “Select the key, we’ll select a rhythm and now think of some great words.”’ That’s not really the answer.”

Photo Credit: Chuck