Pearl Jam Issue Cease And Desist To Tribute Band “Pearl Jamm”


A tribute act to Pearl Jam have been issued with legal letters by the band’s lawyers, demanding they make changes or face legal action. Pearl Jam have sent the tribute band “Pearl Jamm” a cease and desist.

Pearl Jam have asked the tribute band to destroy merchandise with Pearl Jamm’s name on it. They have also asked Pearl Jamm to provide email addresses and and web domains connected with the tribute band.

Pearl Jamm told BBC News, that the legal documents from their British counterparts say that their tribute band is “damaging the Pearl Jam brand and causing confusion” among fans.

However, one band member also told BBC, “No one’s ever come to a show, got to the end of the show, came to us and demanded money back because they were expecting to see Pearl Jam play The Garage in Highbury”.

Pearl Jamm’s open letter to Pearl Jam:

The tribute band issued an open letter to their favourite band. Some of the letter’s extracts include.

“You have know of our tribute band for years. Yet, it takes a global pandemic to have threatening letters sent. This is not the Pearl Jam that we know and love, the Pearl Jam that stands up for social issues and against corporate giants. Yet, it is your lawyers that tell us it is indeed you, the band that are behind this”. 

The letter also said, “No one has ever confused us or our merchandise with you or your merchandise”. They added, “And so to say that is “likely” is clearly nonesense. We have not caused you or your brand any damage whatsover, in fact we have done quite the opposite”. 

The tribute band’s letter also said that the “pressure exerted” from the “aggressive wording” of Pearl Jam’s legal team, forced them to consider disbanding.

“We have even questioned whether we want to continue. We know of one tribute band who decided to call it a day over this”. 

They also went on to say, “We invite you to respond either publicly or privately and rescind these legal threats that have been made”. 

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