Property Prices Slow


House prices rose at their slowest rate in six years, in the twelve months to June. CSO figures show that across the country they went up by 2%.

That compares to 2.6% in the year to May. A number of factors are contributing to the slow down in the rate of increase, according to leading experts.

The rate of increase in property prices is continuing to slow. They rose by 2% in the year to June, compared to 2.6% in May.

In Dublin, house prices were unchanged in the twelve months to June while apartments rose by 0.1%. Outside the capital, house prices were up 3.6% and apartments 6.1%.

The highest growth was in South Dublin at 3.6%, while Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown saw a decline of 4.0%.

Outside Dublin house prices rose 3.6% and apartments by 6.1% in the same period. The largest rise in house prices outside the capital was the Border area at 14.7%, while the Mid-East recorded a decline of 0.1%.

Overall property prices increased by 2.0% nationally in the year to June this year that compares to an increase of 11.9% in the twelve months to June 2018.