Rare John Lennon Guitar Is Going Under The Hammer


The guitar John Lennon used on the Beatles’ 1966 song ‘Paperback Writer’ is going up for auction in November.

Beatles fans will need to start emptying out their penny jars and looking under their mattresses, the guitar is expected to fetch between €765,000 – €1.2 million.

The iconic single ‘Paperback Writer’ was written by McCartney and Lennon in 1966. It was the A-side of their 11th single and went to the number 1 spot in Ireland, UK and America.

A year after the recording, John Lennon gave the Gretsch 6120 instrument to his cousin David Birch. Birch said he was visiting Lennon at his home in Surrey, and mentioned to the Beatle that he was planning to start a band of his own.

Speaking to The Telegraph Birch said, “I was just cheeky enough to ask John for one of his spare guitars. I had my eye on a blue Fender Stratocaster that was lying in the studio but John suggested the Gretsch and gave it to me as we were talking.”

David Birch with the famous guitar below.

Lennon's guitar up for auction

The guitar has only two documented owners, Lennon and Birch. A spokesperson for the auctioneers stated that the instrument is one of the most significant of Lennon’s guitars to come on to the market in the last 30 years.

Last week, a signed Beatles vinyl of 1963’s ‘Please Please Me’ fetched €28,000 at auction.

Listen to ‘Paperback Writer’ below.