Listen: Rare Radiohead Song ‘Come To Your Senses’ Shared For The First Time

Come to your Senses

A full and virtually never heard before version of the rare Radiohead song known as ‘Come To Your Senses’ has been released. The song is streaming below for you to hear…

The track has never been officially released by the band and came to the attention of Radiohead fans after a one-minute clip from a soundcheck surfaced online following their show at the Greek Theatre, Berkley, California back in June 2006. During that soundcheck, the band rehearsed a song they’ve never played live, which fans have taken to calling ‘Come To Your Senses’ owing to Thom Yorke’s refrain.

Senses, Listen: Rare Radiohead Song ‘Come To Your Senses’ Shared For The First Time

That concert formed part of the tour which showcased material from Radiohead’s seventh studio record, ‘In Rainbows’. A bootlegger by the name of Hoserama was the poster of the original one-minute snippet on Reddit. Now in tribute to the twelfth anniversary of that Berkley show, Hoserama has shared the full live recording of ‘Come To Your Senses’ from that soundcheck. Here it is…

On his recent European solo tour, Yorke played another rarity by with Radiohead’s scrapped James Bond theme ‘Spectre’ for the first time. He also debuted new tracks ‘I Am A Very Rude Person’ and ‘Saturdays’ back in December and a song called ‘Axe’ last month.

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