Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Working With Danger Mouse


Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bass player Flea has announced that the group are gearing up to record a new album with the producer Danger Mouse.

Flea tweeted the news “Bout to start recording. Danger mouse producing” before he quickly deleted the message. However, as we all know once it’s posted on the internet, there’s a pretty good chance someone will have taken a screenshot of the tweet.

Rumours have been flying around for the past few months about who the mystery man is. The band previously stated that an “unnamed producer” “is really challenging us to find new ways to come up with new music.”

There was speculation whether long-time producer Rick Rubin will be producing the upcoming record. Rubin has worked on all the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s LPs since Mother’s Milk in 1989.

However it look like Danger Mouse got the job. He previously worked with Beck, Damon Albarn, Jack White as well as producing U2′s single Ordinary Love, in 2013 as part of the soundtrack to Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. He also produced U2′s single Invisible, released in February 2014.

He not only produced the Black Keys’ album True Blue, he was an equal songwriting partner with guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Flea said, “We had a new guitar player [Josh Klinghoffer] and it was a real feeling-out process with each other. We didn’t want to play gigs with him until we’d made a new record. This time, it feels a lot better than the last one.”

“We’ve been writing and rehearsing, rolling up our sleeves, getting in the studio and doing it. We’re nearly finished writing. We’ll go in the studio sometime in the next couple of months.”

“It’s cool. It’s super danceable, funky shit and some real introspective, pretty stuff. It feels good, man, and it’s fun to play it. I would hope that in a year from now, we have a record out and we’re on a world tour.”

Chad Smith added: “The new album is shaping up good. We’ve done the ‘guys get in the room and jam out songs, everybody playing together all at once’ thing. And we wrote a bunch of songs that way.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ upcoming album is expected to be released in the next 12 months, it will be the funk rockers’ first album since I’m With You, released nearly four years ago.