Regency Attack Getaway Drivers Jailed

Regency-Hotel-Murder-Scene 2016

Two men who were found guilty of facilitating the murder of David Byrne in 2016 will face over eight years in prison.

Paul Murphy and Jason Bonney sourced getaway cars that carried two of the gunmen involved in the Regency Shooting.

During sentencing Ms. Justice Tara Burns said the court did not find that either Bonney or Murphy knew exactly what was planned in the Regency Hotel in 2016.

But she said regardless of their knowledge a murder occurred and that these events could not have taken place without the assistance of other people.

She said they acted as ‘get away drivers for the hit team’, which she described as ‘intentional assistance’ and shows ‘substantial knowledge of the attack’.

Making its judgement, the court considered the fact that builder Jason Bonney had no previous convictions, has a heart condition and was a ‘hardworking person’ who ‘actively volunteered in his community’.

He was handed a eight and a half year sentence.

Taxi man Paul Murphy has over 60 previous convictions but the court noted he has a long working history. He was handed down nine years.

Today’s sentencing brings to an end one of the biggest gangland trials in the state’s history.