R.E.M. Fans Have ‘Bad Day’ As Rumours Of Reunion Go Viral

R.E.M Fans Have A 'Bad Day' As Reunion Rumours Go Viral

R.E.M. fans were left thinking that a reunion might be about to happen this morning, Friday 17th. That’s after the iconic band’s name began to trend like wildfire across social media. While it may have led to new hopes that the since retired band could once more return as Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and frontman Michael Stipe, sadly, the truth was somewhat of a let down for avid fans.

It soon became clear that the band have the same name with a song taken from Ariana Grande’s record ‘Sweetener‘. The pop singers’ own set of fans had actually made the namesake trend online after they started talking about how good they thought Grande’s tune was. Damn you internet!

For R.E.M fans, the stark truth proved to be an upsetting disappointment. One fan remarked “Saw R.E.M. was trending and was sure it was something to do with a reunion, but then I found out it was actually because of a new Ariana Grande song called “R.E.M.” I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little annoyed”.

Another fan remarked, “saw that R.E.M was trending and got excited about a reunion. It’s a bloody song on a new Ariana Grande album or something..”

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