Ringo & Hall of Fame Finally Come Together!

Eva Rinaldi @ Flickr

It’s been 27 years since The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and now, drummer Ringo Starr, can finally say he’s in there on his own merit.

The 2015 induction ceremony took place in Cleveland, Ohio last night and saw all sorts from the music industry coming together for the occasion. Miley Cyrus gushed through her introduction of Joan Jett who was choked up with emotion as as result. She pulled herself together to perform live on stage alongside Miley and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, though.

(Miley’s subsequent wardrobe change resulted in a lot of media coverage of the night is based on the fact that her dress had very, very little)

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong took the opportunity to declare his undying love for rock and roll when the punk rockers were inducted on their first year of eligibility (Artists are can only be inducted 25 years on from the release of their first album). While Patti Smith gave a heartfelt tribute to the late Lou Reed, was also amongst 2015’s inductees, thanking him for “brutally and benevolently injecting poetry into your music”.

Paul McCartney was there to induct his fellow and only surviving other Beatle: Ringo Starr, who’s the last of the Fab Four to go in, in a solo capacity. The former band mates then performed on stage together.

Believe it or not, Ringo’s made eighteen solo studio albums since his time with The Beatles. The most recent of which, Postcards from Paris, was released in March of this year.

Check out some of the highlights from this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony below.