Rodrigo Y Gabriela Have Covered Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’!


Spanish duo Rodrigo y Gabriela have shared an inspirational cover of the Pink Floyd classic “Echoes”.

According to antimusic, the rendition is a look ahead to their imminent record called “Mettavolution,” which will be dropped on April 26th.

Rodrigo and Gabriela spoke about the cover, that consumes the entire second side of the new album, “We are big Pink Floyd fans. That track, especially the live in Pompeii version means a lot to us, we even made a huge visual reference in our video for ‘Hanuman.'”

“Besides that, the lyrics are even more relevant now than they were 45 years ago, the search for knowledge about ourselves, it’s becoming a key element for survival these days, that’s what evolution is all about at the end of the day.”

“Everything was ready for it, all the circumstances around the idea of agreeing to work with a producer came together right at the time we talked to Sardy. And our intuition was right. We talked to a lot of great producers before him but the conditions just weren’t there. When we talked to Dave it just felt we had arrived.”

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