Roger Daltrey Says He Won’t Perform Iconic Scream From ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’


The Who’s Roger Daltrey has recently declared that he will no longer perform the iconic scream from the band’s track ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.

Daltrey made these comments in a recent interview with Billboard, ahead of his current run of intimate live shows in the US.

These shows will see also Daltrey have Q&A sessions with fans during the evening. They have been described as: “a mostly acoustic set of Who gems, rarities, solo nuggets and other surprises”.

Stating that he has got “good comedy” out of these shows, Daltrey also had this to say.

He said: “It’s gonna be quite interesting. I’m just determined to enjoy myself and explore the freedom I’ve got to do what I want to do on this tour, and let’s see where it ends up”. 

“the scream”

However, one thing that Daltrey has ruled out, is the possibility of him singing the iconic scream from the track, ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’. 

“I’m not gonna do the scream”, stated the musician.

He added: “I’m gonna get the f****** audience to do the scream. I’ve done that scream for 55 years, and I’ve had enough of it. I don’t even want to try it now; it’s brutal on the vocal cords. They can do the scream, and I’ll do everything else. I’m more into singing these days. At the age of 80, I think I deserve to be”. 

Daltrey on “AI”

Back in March, Roger Daltrey warned that the use of AI has the ability to “destroy” the music industry.

“The one thing I totally believe AI will never have, and it will be its downfall – it will never have empathy”, Daltrey said. “It’s going to destroy the music industry if we’re not careful… music is a different language, and we shouldn’t let AI control that”. 

He added, “That will always contain empathy, and AI can’t do that. I won’t ever believe, if AI can ever do empathy, then we are (done for.)”. 

The frontman had previously warned, “Once AI controls the Internet, we’ll be in trouble. People addicted to their iPhones will be brainwashed”. 

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