RTÉ’s Fallen Star Issues Straight Shooting Statement

Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy said he doesn’t have responsibility for how or what RTÉ publishes in its accounts, as he issued an apology by way of a statement on Friday.

He has though, accepted he should have asked questions at the time when his incorrect salary was published and he apologised unreservedly for not doing so.

The broadcaster also said ALL his earnings have always been included in his company accounts and his taxes are up to date.

Tubridy disputed the allegation he hasn’t taken a substantial pay cut during difficult years for the broadcaster, saying his salary has fallen around 40% since 2012.

His salary at that point was a frankly ludicrous €723,000.

He also said this news had no bearing on his decision to leave the Late Late Show and confirmed due to an editorial decision from RTÉ he won’t present his radio show next week.

Further to my statement yesterday, I wish to respond to issues in the last 24 hours arising from RTÉ’s accounting treatment and publication of payments made to me between 2017 and 2022.

“RTÉ’s accounting treatment and publication of payments made to me between 2017 and 2022 contained serious errors. While I have no responsibility for the corporate governance in RTÉ or how or what they publish in their accounts, when my earnings were published I should have asked questions at the time and sought answers as to the circumstances which resulted in incorrect figures being published.

“I didn’t, and I bear responsibility for my failure to do so. For this, I apologise unreservedly.”

He continued: “For the avoidance of doubt, all my earnings from RTÉ have at all times been included in my company’s accounts that were prepared by my accountant and filed with the Companies Registration Office and all my taxes are up to date. My filed accounts with details of these earnings have previously been reported on in the media.

“At the centre of all of this is trust. The trust of colleagues in RTÉ and the trust of a great many people who listen to my show. To them: I wholeheartedly apologise for my error of judgement.

“Separately, it has been reported that I did not take a pay cut over the last number of years. This is simply not true. Over the period of my contract with RTÉ, I have been asked to take several reductions in salary and I did. Indeed, between 2012 and today, my pay from RTÉ was cut by approximately 40 percent.

“I also wish to respond to suggestions that this issue had some bearing on my decision to step down from hosting the Late Late Show. It did not.

“Finally, I am disappointed that RTÉ has decided that for editorial reasons I should not broadcast my radio show next week. I look forward to returning to the radio show, a job I love, as soon as possible and I hope my listeners and my colleagues appreciate my sincerity on this.

The shock press release came as the NUJ announced they held emergency talks in Montrose with its members to discuss the revelations regarding secret payments to Ryan Tubridy.