School Children Being Groomed For Drugs Trade In Dublin


Primary school children are being groomed for the drugs trade in Dublin. A new reports has revealed the reality for kids in Dublin’s neighbouhoods.

Some as young as ten are being used as runners and carriers according to a new report into criminal activity in the South Central area.

The report shows less than 2% of those aged between 12 and 40 are involved in crime. According to the findings, many are considered “expendable” but “plentiful” by senior crime figures.

Author of the paper, Dr Johnny Connolly of the Centre for Crime, Justice and Victim Studies at the University of Limerick said that it is a resolvable issue:

“Less than 2% of the population aged from 12 to 40 are engaged in these networks, so it is not a huge figure.”

“It’s not saying that a small number of people cannot create a lot of problems, particularly in terms of prolific offending… but it is a manageable issue, in that the vast majority of people are not engaged.”