Springsteen Tells Trump: ‘Put On A F***ing Mask’


Bruce Springsteen has given his thoughts on the state of America right now: everything from Black Lives Matter, to CV19 and the general social unrest and anger.

Keeping himself busy while staying home, Bruce has been on Satellite radio station, “E Street Radio”, twice a week for the last while and he’s using the platform to get some stuff off his chest.

Springsteen said, quote, “But with 100,000-plus Americans dying over the last few months and the empty, shamed response from our leaders, I’m simply pissed off. Those lives deserve better than just being inconvenient statistics for our president’s re-election efforts. It’s a national disgrace. .

Just before he played the first song, on the broadcst – Bob Dylan‘s “Disease Of Conceit” — he addressed Donald Trump saying, “I’m going to start out with sending one to the man sitting behind the Resolute Desk. With all respect, sir, show some consideration for your countrymen and your country. Put on a f**king mask.”

Watch the video above to hear more

Springsteen went on to say, “One of the most heart-rending aspects of these deaths is that the virus has stolen from us our rituals. Our funerals, our wakes, our house meetings with family after the burial. Our ability to stand by our loved ones, to touch them, to kiss them as they pass, to look into their eyes and let them physically know how we loved them — this is the cruelty of this disease. To say our last goodbyes to our loved ones by phone, and then to return home, alone, to an empty house. It is a heartbreaking and lonely death, for those afflicted and for those left behind to pick up the pieces.”

He added: “Now, when my father died, my close friends and my brother-in-law, we stood in the graveyard, in the midst of our large family, and we took shovels and we buried my father ourselves. It meant a great, great, great deal to me. And it’s a memory I’ll cherish as long as I live. The importance of that ritual. And to stand with my loved ones on the burying ground.”

Later on in the show, Springsteen said, “Our health care professionals who willingly put themselves in harm’s way, risking their own lives for others, deserve some special dispensation in heaven and here on Earth. We owe them our eternal thanks.”

Springsteen spoke of how change can truly come to America by declaring: “The election is only months away. VOTE! God help us all — vote, before it’s too late. American citizens, unite. Your country needs you, your countrymen need your care and compassion. And this is our moment. Until we meet again, stay safe, stay strong, mask up! And go in peace.”