Stevie Nicks Pays Tribute to the Late Taylor Hawkins: “When He Left the Room, Everyone Was Sad”


Stevie Nicks posted an emotional message to social media following the tragic passing of her friend and fellow musician, Taylor Hawkins, this weekend. 

Hawkins, long-time Foo Fighters drummer, passed away late last week according to an announcement posted on the band’s social media pages on Friday night. Hawkins was 50 years old. 

“I just have to say,” Nicks wrote, “Thank goodness for the photo booth in the Foo Fighters studio. Because of these pictures my friendship with Taylor will always be at my fingertips.”

A pair of black-and-white snapshots of Nicks and Hawkins smiling accompanied the post. 

“He always came to my shows,” she continued. “He and his best friend Dave even let me be a Foo Fighter for a little while. We recorded a kick ass version of Gold Dust Woman (live) and at the end of the song I yelled out ‘Best Gold Dust Woman ever~.’”

“And I meant it,” said Nicks. 

“Taylor was very handsome and he was very cute. Sometimes that combination is way better than ‘beautiful.’ I think it’s everything. He had a huge heart and a glorious smile. When he walked into the room, everyone looked up. When he left the room, everyone was sad,” she wrote, followed by a lyrical summation of her feelings following Hawkins’ death.

“I am sad now

I am really sad

It’s like rolling thunder

Yes, that’s what I said

It’s like a bad dream~

Comes like a wave~

Gives you a moment

And then drags you away.

Our hearts are broken,

We will never be the same.

As I write these words~

I feel the pain.

But I will always remember~

That the laughter and the fame

Brought us together

To play the game

And we played it, again and again and again

And it was extraordinary~

Don’t forget us, ‘T.’

We’ll be right here

Love you,