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Canadian Diplomat Creates Wuhan Wu-Tang Clan Shirt And Angers China

Canada regrets the "misunderstanding" that has stemmed from a custom made Wuhan Wu-Tang Clan shirt. The T-shirt, created by a Canadian diplomat...

Driver Blames Speeding On Mötley Crüe’s ‘Kickstart My Heart’

In Canada, police from the city of Manitoba were told by a driver who was caught speeding that he was listening...

Video: Canadian Curling Team Kicked Off Tournament For Being Drunk

A Canadian curling team, featuring an Olympic gold medallist, were kicked out of a tournament at the weekend for being "extremely...

Canada Becomes Second Country To Legalise Recreational Cannabis

Canada is now the second country after Uruguay to have legalised the possession and use of recreational cannabis. However, according to the...

New Aer Lingus Direct Routes To Montreal & Minneapolis

Aer Lingus will operate two new routes daily to Minneapolis-St. Paul commencing on July 8th and to Montreal from August 8th,...

An Irish woman Dies In Car Crash In Canada

An Irish woman has died in a car crash in Canada. The single vehicle collision occurred in Maidstone on Wednesday. The...

Canada To Legalise Cannabis

Canada's parliament has passed a law to make the recreational use of cannabis legal. It's only the second country to do this...