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Criminal Assets Bureau Carries Out Major Searches In Dublin,Limerick,Tipperary

The Criminal Assets Bureau is currently carrying out searches in Limerick, Tipperary and Dublin as part of an investigation into an...

CAB Seize Half Million From Encrypted Phone Sales

The High Court has paved the way for the Criminal Assets Bureau to seize over half a million euro held in...

CAB Swoop In On Crime Gangs Ill-Gotten Gains

The Criminal Assets Bureau, assisted by Gardaí from the Dublin Metropolitan Region Special Crime Task Force and Revenue Customs conducted a...

CAB Swoop Early To Procure Profits Of Crime

Following an early morning CAB swoop, a man has been arrested and questioned by Gardaí after cash, drugs, caravans among other...

Early Morning CAB Swoop On Gang’s Ill-Gotten Goods

The Criminal Assets Bureau have concluded a series of raids today targeting the Kinahan crime cartel. In excess of 150 gardaí were involved in searches across several...

CAB Seize Cash And Proceeds Of Crime In Dublin Searches

The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) has seized cash, Rolex watches, a drone and mobile phones during searches in Dublin. The searches were...