Teenager Threatened With Weapon In Scary Finglas Ordeal


A teenager from Dublin, faced a traumatic ordeal, after being chased by a man armed with a plank of wood. This incident took place around 6pm, Thursday evening in Finglas, North Dublin.

Having been out jogging at the time, the teenager was waiting outside Finglas Garda Station for his mother to pick him up.

A middle-aged man approached him.

The man told the boy, he was going into the Garda Station to collect his Bible.

When the man returned, he threatened the teen that he would “feel the wrath of God”, if he did not get out of the seat he was sitting in.

The teenager laughed off the man’s ranting. He was walking away, before turning around to find the man running after him, wildly swinging a plank of wood.

Teenager Escape:

It is a relief to report, that the boy managed to escape his pursuer and get home safely. His mother took to social media to warn local residents.

On Facebook, the teenager’s mother posted, “My 14 year old lad was jogging tonight on his own about 6pm, and was waiting for me at Finglas Garda Station when it started to rain”.

“He was sitting down, and some 40 year old man started saying weird stuff to him, he thought it was funny at first”.

“The guy then told him to get off the seat and he did, and started to walk off. My lad looked back and the s*****g was running at him with a big plank of wood he took from the gym car park”. 

“He hid behind a car and managed to get back to meet me”. 

“Reported to the guards, he was wearing a black jacket, black beanie hat and had a shopping bag”. 

An Garda Síochána have been contacted. See the forces’ annual report here.