Tom Morello Says Collaboration With His 13 Year Old Son Inspired His New Rock Album


Tom Morello has hailed his 13 year old son Roman, for inspiring the release of his upcoming rock album.

The Rage Against The Machine’s lead singer has co written a new track ‘Soldier In The Army Of Love’ with his son Roman Morello, which will be officially released next week (June 28).

This song features on Morello’s new album, which will arrive later this year.

Tom Morello hails “prodigy son”

Speaking to TotalRock, Tom Morello explained how this song came about, paying tribute to his “prodigy son” Roman.

“Well, one of the things that was very inspiring was I have a 13-year-old guitar prodigy son, Roman, who we wrote this song together”, Morello said.

“And his riffs are heavier than mine, and I’ve been relegated to the rhythm guitar player status in the family. So we did this song, ‘Soldier In The Army Of Love’, together, and it was just so rocking. It was sort of the genesis of this whole idea”. 

Morello also added: “I’ve done a lot of records — collaborative records, records laced with hip-hop, electronica, acoustic records, and this is really the first Tom Morello solo rock album, and this song, ‘Soldier In The Army Of Love’, really sort of encapsulates what it’s about”. 

“the right direction”

Elsewhere, Tom Morello also praised his son’s musical talents, with Roman seemingly a chip off the old block.

“Well, it’s nice to see the DNA has flowed in the right direction, and I think that rock’s in a pretty good place, ’cause there’s another Morello coming”, the musician stated.

He also shared further details on his new album.

“There’s certainly a heavy dose of the Morellian RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE/AUDIOSLAVE riffs — maybe it’s got two feet in that world and one foot in [Bruce Springsteen’s 1978 album] ‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town’, too”, he revealed.

Tom Morello has also recently joined forces with Def Leppard on a new track called, ‘Just Like 73’. More on this story here.

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