TONIGHT: Kieran McGuinness Has 250 Minute, 250th Show!

Picture Credit: Derek Kennedy / The Thin Air

Our very own IMRO Nominated Kieran McGuinness celebrates his 250th Nova Guestlist TONIGHT, Sunday 24th September, doing a special 250 minute Nova Guestlist!

As he does each week, Kieran will celebrate homegrown and alternative music, playing classic tracks from established artists, profiling notable albums, and platforming young Irish groups and unsigned bands in the ‘All Irish Hour’.

For the BIG occasion, The Delorentos and Driven Snow frontman also has a few special guests and prizes planned.

Kieran began his radio journey as an engineer in 2012 before moving on-air with TXFM as a stand-in in 2017 until Nova came knocking in 2018. Audiences instantly took to Kieran’s unique blend of Irish and alternative music on a Sunday night and since its inception, ‘The Nova Guestlist’ has hosted some of Ireland’s finest musicians including Bell X1 and Fontaines DC. 

“I’m a music obsessive – recording it, writing it, or listening to it. My ideal day is listening and discovering music in the morning, writing and practising with the band in the afternoon, and playing music at night, either on stage or in the studio,” Kieran said. 

“To have a job where I can share my passion for music with people and give a platform to the incredible young talent in Ireland at the minute is an absolute dream. Working in radio has given me some amazing opportunities and helped my own music career in ways I never expected.”

Working in radio for over a decade, Kieran’s knowledge of the Irish music scene is unrivalled. Over the years he’s helped uncover a wealth of young talent and continues to discover more each day. Below are some of Kieran’s highlights from his career in radio: 

Best Interview

We’ve been lucky enough to interview members of the finest Irish acts like BELL X1, Fontaines DC, Pillow Queens, Villagers, Hothouse Flowers and more, and international acts like Spoon or even Steve Albini.

Best Show 

We’ve been lucky to have the most engaging segments on the show, whether it’s members of the band Whipping Boy talking about their seminal album Heartworm, or Paul Noonan talking about Bell X1 being reborn, or exclusives with up-and coming acts, or reviewing secret U2 gigs, there’s always something rich and varied in every show, truly taking the audience onto the Guestlist.  

Best Gig 

One of the finest gigs I ever watched was The Walkmen in a small tent late at a festival, and one of the best gigs I ever played was in a sold-out club in Mexico City. Both are very different experiences, but both are joyful in different ways!

‘The Nova Guestlist’ with Kieran McGuinness on Radio Nova airs every Sunday from 6pm