Topless Airline Owner Reveals Massage Shot To Unsuspecting World

Tony Fernandes - Massage - Linkedin
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An airline boss, who’s had turns as a Premier League club owner with QPR and with his own F1 motor sport team, has apologised for posting a photograph of himself topless and getting a massage during a work meeting.

Tony Fernandes, the founder of Air Asia, shared the image on LinkedIn. However it was removed a few days later, amid a torrent of criticism.

His post drew criticism from the internet that it seemed and was deemed “inappropriate“.

In the caption, he wrote, “Was a stressful week and Veranita Yosephine suggested a massage. Got to love Indonesia and AirAsia culture that I Can have a massage and do a management meeting.”

We are making big progress and I have now finalized Capital A structure. Exciting days ahead. Proud of what we have built and never have lost sight of the finish,” he added.

AirAsia CEO Sits Shirtless In Management Meeting While Getting A Massage, Draws Criticism

Since being shared on the platform, its amassed plenty of commentary, mostly of a negative hue.

A grown man, who is the chief executive of a publicly listed company, conducts a management meeting with his shirt off as he gets a massage.

Remove “who is the chief executive of a publicly listed company” and it is still inappropriate,” a user said.

A second person added, “Work at AirAsia, where meetings are as gross as our passenger experience. You have managed to capture everything from inappropriate entitlement to exemplary C Suite tone deafness in a single image. Bravo!

I’m going to assume that this meeting took place long after the workday was over and most of the office was empty (except a few C-level), but at least put on a shirt for the photo.,” commented another person.

I hope not but I think someone hacked into his LI and wrote this,” remarked a user.

Yea, maybe this isn’t the best way to show off work culture? Don’t think you are giving the intended impression you hoped it would,” said another user.

A sixth person said, “Tony when you said Air Asia had an open culture I didn’t expect it to be THIS open…