Tributes For Bullied Boy Trump Tranquilized By Trump’s Tedium

Joshua Trump was a guest of Melania Trump CREDIT: GETTY
Joshua Trump was a guest of Melania Trump CREDIT: GETTY

In the US 11-year-old Joshua Trump has been hailed as a hero of the antiTrump resistance.

Joshua Trump, a middle-school student from Delaware, was invited to the State of the Union speech by Melania Trump.

He dropped out of school after being bullied because of his last name.

Cameras picked up the boy napping while Donald Trump renewed his promise to build a US-Mexico border and declared illegal immigration “an urgent national crisis”.

One Twitter user, who posted a screenshot of the younger Trump asleep, wrote: “JOSHUA TRUMP RULES.” “Joshua Trump, welcome to the resistance,” said another.

Joshua’s parents told WPVI-TV that his classmates had called him an “idiot” and “stupid” for sharing the president’s last name.

Although they took him out of school in 2017 to homeschool him, when he returned for middle school the following year the bullying persisted.

His mother, Megan Trump, signed him up for a different school bus to avoid students who were teasing him but on the first trip the driver questioned him about his name.

Joshua was one of the 13 people to receive special invitations to the address by the president and first lady.

‘We are all Joshua Trump,’ tweeted Steve Marmel. ‘Seriously. I love this kid.’ 

‘Joshua has already mastered “executive time”,’ tweeted Graham Geiselman.

‘Executive time’ is a reference to President Trump’s blocs of leisure time at the White House during which it is assumed he is watching television.

First lady Melania Trump has made her anti-bullying campaign the centrepiece of her legacy, although there have been few concrete steps aside from public appearances and roundtable discussions.