Trio Of Terrible Teens Fat-Shame Woman Prior To Luas Assault

Dublin Children's Court
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A court has heard how a woman travelling on the Luas was beaten, kneed and kicked in the face after teenagers fat shamed her in Dublin.

One of the attackers has today (Tuesday) pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to the woman on May 22nd last year.

Dublin Children’s Court heard three youths, two female and one male, “were fat-shaming” the victim before there was a physical altercation.

Garda Darragh Cashe told Judge Paul Kelly she was “hit a number of times by the defendant, kneed, kicked once in the face and kicked at least another two times.”

One of the attackers appeared in court today, and pleaded guilty to assault causing harm.

The other girl is yet to be identified, while a male travelling with them on the Luas did not get involved in the attack.

Defence counsel Doireann McDonagh asked the judge to adjourn sentencing for a probation report to be drafted, with her client who remains on bail.

Counsel said the accused had matured greatly since the incident and got on a training course.

Judge Kelly agreed to seek a pre-sentence report and directed that it explore the defendant’s suitability for a community service sanction.

The victim of the attack didn’t have to testify or face cross-examination because the accused changed her plea to guilty just before her hearing.