Trump’s Mug Shot With ‘Never Surrender’ Message Having Just Surrendered!

Donald Trump - Mugshot - Fulton County Georgia

The twice-impeached, four-times indicted former U.S. President Donald Trump has returned to X, formerly called Twitter, to post his mug shot.

He hadn’t posted on the social network since January 8th 2021 – two days after the attack on the US Capitol.

The mug shot photo, posted this morning, is included in a graphic which says “never surrender,” in an apparent lack of irony after surrendering himself into police in the state of Georgia yesterday, to be booked on election interference charges.

Trump is now the first former US president to have a mugshot as well as the rest of his many distinctions. He surrendered at Fulton County jail where he had his mugshot taken, his height and weight were listed on a booking sheet (6ft 3in, 1.9m and 215 pounds, 97.5kg!!), and he was released on a $200,000 bail bond.

Trump repeated his tired claims of innocence, saying that all charges are a politically motivated attempt to hamper his presidential campaign. It is the fourth criminal case against Trump – and despite today’s dramatic events, we’re only at the very start of the various legal proceedings against the former president.

He greeted reported and then alleged “You should be able to challenge an election. I believe the election was a rigged election.

I did nothing wrong and everybody knows it.” Trump went on to call the allegations “election interference” – trying to flip the script on the charges against him.

We have every right, every single right to challenge an election that we think is dishonest,” he said.