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Tubs Excited To Spend Time With Radio Legend Chris Evans

Chris Evans - Ryan Tubridy @VirginRadio
The erstwhile RTÉ broadcaster Ryan Tubridy continued his merry tour of Blighty as he popped into the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio for a chat.
Virgin Media were so enamoured with Ryan’s ‘glittering career‘ they excitedly enquired as to the significance of The Late Late Show, which is regarded as an ‘Irish television institution‘ in their parlance, Ryan thus excitedly enthused:
Think of it as the TARDIS. I was the third Doctor, and did that for 14 years and did radio for another 20 years. Loved, loved, loved it, and then came over to London some years ago, met you,” he said to Chris.
Ebulliently he added “Filled in for you a couple of mornings, filled in for whoever it was, Graham [Norton], Terry Wogan. When they were stuck for an Irish Lilt, they said, ‘Tubridy, get over here!

He regaled Chris with his gifts from the very final Late Late show from a well-known band

On the last Late Late Show, I got a gift from… this is a real name drop… obviously U2 are Irish, they are a great band. And when the last couple of presenters finished their Late Late Show, they gave them a gift of, like a Harley Davidson or something. So Bono turned around and said, ‘Ryan, you’re not a rocker, you’re a mod’.

So they gifted me – there’s only one I think –  a red electric Vespa that’s arriving at my house tomorrow. A U2 Vespa, I am so excited!

Taking this as a cue to regale Ryan with his own Bono-related story, Chris asked: “Have you ever approached a US aircraft carrier in a putt putt boat at 2am, asking for a bottle of brandy with Bono in France?”

Recalling the bonkers experience, Chris continued: “I risked life and limb to get him a bottle of brandy from the US Navy. We were banging on the hull of this aircraft carrier that towered over us like a city, let alone a building. 

“And we banged on the hull, this is a true story. And they lowered a gunboat, because they thought somebody was trying to attach a mine or an explosive to the hull of the boat!

And they chased after us in a gunboat, and they realised it was Bono. And they went, ‘Oh, that’s Bono. It’s alright. What do you want? Brandy? Not now. Bar’s closed’.