Uninsured Driver Jailed for Killing Three People At Deranged Speed

Photocall Ireland

A young driver has been jailed for nine years for killing three people in a high-speed crash in Co Louth last February.

Keith Lennon, of Dromintree, Co Armagh, was driving at 225 kilometres per hour when he crashed into Kevin Faxton’s car, killing him and his mother, Mary, instantly.

Bryan Magill, a back seat passenger in the 3-litre Audi A4 being driven at speed by 21-year-old Lennon, also died.

Just moments before the crash, the court heard Lennon recorded and then shared videos of his speed dial to friends on Snapchat.

In sentencing today, Judge Martina Baxter described the collision as “horrific“. She said it was the worst case she has ever heard, with three fatalities and “showing-off” on social media.

Judge Baxter said Keith Lennon had caused terrible losses and people cannot be brought back.

Outside court afterwards, Yvonne Campbell spoke of the devastation of losing her mother and brother in such a senseless way:

On the 29th of February 2020 our world was ripped apart. We lost two very precious people from our wee family. A loving wife, mother and grandmother, a precious son, brother and uncle. No sentence is ever going to bring our loved ones back to us. We now have to try and live the rest of our lives with the grief and pain this individual has forced upon us by his reckless driving, whilst using a mobile phone and driving at excessive speed.”