Video: Depressed Dog Waits A Year For Home Given Royal Send-Off!


A shelter pooch spent more than 400 days waiting for a new home was given a royal send-off when she was finally adopted.

According to Great Plains SPCA in Kansas, Queen, a three-year-old terrier mix was was under the care of the shelter for so long that she began to become depressed.

The sad doggy was in the shelter for more than 400 days and found herself repeatedly overlooked by potential owners.

Scott Poore runs a company called Mission Driven and he took it upon himself to move into Queen’s kennel to keep her company.

As well as befriending the downbeat dog Poore made the promise not to move back out from the kennel until she had found her forever home.

In order to raise awareness, Mr Poore spent a week living in the kennel alongside the forlorn dog. He even decorated the space and bought her on day trips to get ice cream.

Taking to Facebook, the dog minder shared videos of his time spent in the shelter asking people to share and find Queen a new home.

7 days later, Queen on her way to her new home, so the staff decided to give her a royal send-off.

The animal shelter posted: “THANK YOU to Mission-Driven and Scott Poore for all the help in finding Queen a forever family that is going to give her the royal treatment she deserves!

“Scott, we hope you don’t have to move back in anytime soon, although you’re always welcome!”

Source: AP via Breaking News