Video: The Who Postpone Show After Roger Daltrey Loses His Voice


The Who’s performance at Houston’s Toyota Centre was stopped after eight songs because Roger Daltrey lost his voice.

It’s unclear as to what prevented Daltrey from singing, but it was evident that he was experiencing difficulties on the night.

, Video: The Who Postpone Show After Roger Daltrey Loses His Voice

In a video posted up by UCR, Pete Townshend refers to Daltrey as having allergy issues. Daltrey had vocal problems during “Who Are You,” and  Townshend had to step in and sing lead vocals.

At that point, the concert was as good as over and they played one more song which Townshend sang called “Eminence Front,” and after that it was curtains.

, Video: The Who Postpone Show After Roger Daltrey Loses His Voice

Daltrey then told the crowd, “I think I should quit while I’m ahead,” and walked offstage. After a delay, Townshend came back onstage and broke the bad news to the audience.

“I’m really, really sorry. Roger cannot actually speak now. Apparently, before the show he saw a doctor, and, you know, he’s been singing so fucking great through this tour. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on. He has been on top of his game.”

Townshend added that there was no point in trying to work out a set that “makes any sense because this is Roger’s show, really. It’s a vocal show, and he’s not in good shape.”

He thanked the orchestra and the audience for their understanding and promised to return when their schedule allowed them, though he’s unsure when that will be since Daltrey’s vocal surgeon requires him to take a day off after each date.

The band hasn’t released an official statement yet about Daltrey’s voice or the status of the Who’s next show, which is tomorrow night at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. They’re planning to release a new album, Who, on Nov. 22.

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