The Vines Comeback


    The Aussie lads are back again with a new LP Wicked Nature, the forthcoming release is The Vines’ sixth studio record and is a 22 track double album.

    In 2001, their debut Highly Evolved, cemented them with the tag ‘the most Nirvana sounding band, since Nirvana’.

    High compliment, and it was well deserved, Highly Evolved was a collage of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ type tracks like ‘Outtathaway!’ and gentle heartfelt songs like ‘Homesick’.

    Skip to 2014, the band have had a few personnel changes, except for singer and notorious frontman Craig Nicholls, who has been a part of the band since its foundation in 1994. Joining Nicholls this time around, drummer Lachlan West and bassist Tim John, both have been with the group since 2012.

    This is their first independent release, the first single to be released from Wicked Nature is ‘Metalzone’. If you donate €7 to the band’s PledgeMusic page, you can download three new tracks ‘Out the Way,’ ‘Anything You Say’ and ‘Everything Else’, as well as receive personally autographed copies of the vinyl LP.

    Watch the video for their first single Metal Zone below. It rocks.

    The man who discovered and signed the group in 2001, Todd Wagstaff wrote on their PledgeMusic page:

    “The record is the heaviest the band have released. All funds raised from these pre-orders will go into recording and financing a new team of radio, publicity and online agents we have engaged around the world to promote The Vines’ music.”

    The Vines’ sixth studio record will drop on September 2.