Volbeat, ‘A Warrior’s Call,’ Brings Fiery Punk-Metal – Song Review


Volbeat’s latest single is a skittering punk-metal concoction.

Danish metal band Volbeat have a robust talent for meshing many musical elements: rock ‘n’ roll, punk, rockabilly, heavy metal and country. Heavy riffing and chanted verses make up the outfit’s dramatic attack, as well as traces of the Misfits, Metallica and Social Distortion.

Punk and metal truly find a love story in Volbeat’s tracks, and the band’s latest single, “A Warrior’s Call,” is certainly no exception. Off the band’s current LP, “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven,” which was recorded and engineered by Jacob Hansen (Serenity, Nightrage), “A Warrior’s Call” starts out with thundering drum rhythms a la Jon Larsen and builds to a tantalizing crescendo, until frontman Michael Poulsen’s chants set in. He cries along to the bouncy beats:  “Feel the fire he’s entering the ring! / His mindset only knows how to win / This Danish fighter will break you in two / You will feel all his power!”

Like many of Volbeat’s tracks, “A Warrior’s Call” carries an irresistible, anthemic chorus brimming with power and force: “The Viking warrior Mikkel Kessler … Maybe you’re strong, but you don’t stand a chance / feel the power of a warrior! / FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!”

With its fist-pumping mantras and galloping tempos, “A Warrior’s Call” gives way to a massive, swaggering rock ‘n’ roll stomper. The momentum is there, as the track sits No. 3 on the active rock chart, at press time. Volbeat are the reigning champions of making skittering punk-metal concoctions, and nowhere is that more apparent than on, “A Warrior’s Call.”

Volbeat are on the 2012 Gigantour, featuring tour founders Megadeth as well as Motorhead and Lacuna Coil. The outing begins Jan. 26 in Camden, N.J. and runs through Feb. 28 in Denver. Read our full interview with Poulsen on Volbeat’s artist page.