WATCH: Coronavirus Sparks ‘Monkey Gang War’ in Thailand


Hundreds of monkeys are brawling on the streets in Thailand, because the tourists who usually feed them are hiding away because of COVID-19. Watch at around 25” a brawl breaks out between two different gangs of monkeys.

The video filmed this week in Lopburi, north-east of Bangkok, showed large crowds of monkeys brawling in the streets, apparently fighting over a yoghurt pot. Residents in the city, which is famed for its monkey population, say the fall in tourist numbers means there are far fewer people offering food.

The coronavirus outbreak is a severe blow to Thailand’s tourism industry, which is crucial to the country’s already struggling economy. This week, the country’s tourism authority warned that the number of foreign visitors may fall to 30 million this year from last year’s 39.8 million.

According to The Bangkok Post, each monkey is either a city monkey or temple monkey, and this is what happened when they went crazy for a single piece of food. Of course, we’re better than this. Did you get enough toilet paper?