Watch: The Black Keys Have Released A Spoof Master Class Video!


Masterclass is the online learning portal that teaches classes from a variety of professionals experts. The service prides itself on providing, “online classes taught by the world’s greatest minds.”

Some of these “greats” include Gordon Ramsey with some classic cooking tips, Natalie Portman with masterclass acting lessons and Margaret Atwood with great creative writing tools.

However, according to Stereogum, these courses don’t seem to really represent what is involved in mastering these type of skills. It appears that there is no quick fix in acquiring the expertise and privileges of the award-winning teacher by an eager student.

The instructors, all celebrities lean towards inspirational platitudes when they speak. Now, as a sort of backlash, so to speak, The Black Keys are starring in a spoof MasterClass for Funny Or Die.

Their mission, to deliver vague and unhelpful advice to any interested party. Dan Auerbach tells us:

“You have to be inspired by what’s around you, I wrote that song while I was eating caviar with Michael Jordan in Paris. He cheats at Blackjack.”

Patrick Carney adds: “A very interesting time signature is 4/7. Couldn’t tell you much about it beyond that, but it is very interesting.” At the end of the message, they earnestly tell us:

 “After this course, you’ll be able to write music like the pros…Unless you’re not naturally gifted like us. Then we cant really help you.”

Check out the inspirational video below. Watch, listen, look and attempt to learn how music works!

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