Weekend Weather: Hello Mr. Sun


Well, hello Mr. Sun, nice to see you and please don’t leave us, like ever! The forecast is suspecting a small chance of rain but we’re ignoring that.

With temperatures of 17 – 19 degrees for the entire day we’re happy enough to stay in our bubble for rest of the weekend.

Saturday, is due to be dry and sunny in most areas, however cloud will gradually build across the western half of the country but the good news is that it’ll remain in the region of 17 – 21 degrees for the day!

Now Sunday is a slightly different kettle of fish, so if you’re hoping to get up to some outdoor fun over the weekend, make sure you hit that up on Saturday because Sunday is set to be dull and damp with patchy outbreaks of rain.

Temperatures will range between 14 – 16 degrees but there will be some lovely little wind to keep us company!

Have a great weekend folks – stay smiling!

Mr Sun, Weekend Weather: Hello Mr. Sun