HOI haters! Leave that man alone… An Opinion.


This is Not a Drill, this is real life, happening now, can’t be rehearsed or rewound…

Roger Waters, formally of Pink Floyd performed live in Prague last night on his “This Is Not A Drill” tour and after reading up on what went on in Berlin last week with the outrage that followed his show, I was interested to see it for myself.

 First things. The public announcement telling us to go to the bar if we didn’t like Roger’s politics.

Please “enjoy the show” is what the man said

In MY opinion that is what it is. A show.

It’s entertainment.

A character is being played, the simple message is Tax The Rich, Help the Poor. Hold Governments responsible for crimes against humanity.

Love not War.

Yes, Roger is a grumpy old man. And he’s got a platform. He’s using it.

This is Not a Drill, this is real life, happening now, It can’t be rehearsed or rewound…

Last night in Prague, which was being streamed to hundreds of cinemas around the world, Roger actually stopped the show and took off his costume, the same costume which has sparked a German Police investigation as it was all very Nazi like and read a statement about the uproar after Berlin.

He did seem visibly upset. I don’t have any pictures to share here as I was too engrossed in it to think of taking out my phone.

Basically, he said why he felt the show is right, the political stance is noise needed to be made and once again he is not anti Semitic. And of course he’s pro Palestine – by the next song he’d put on a PLO scarf.

Entertainment wise, it’s stunning. Does it deserve all of the German attention. No, he’s been playing this character in black leather since the release of The Wall. The tour has been all around the US and other European cities without noise.

Love Not War.