Check Out This 13 YEAR OLD Guitar Prodigy At The Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics closing ceremony took place in Pyeongchang took place on Sunday. Stealing the show in incredible fashion, was 13 year-old Yang Tae-hwan who ‘shredded’ the guitar like a pro.

Forget the Alex Turner lookalike and the rogue squirrel, the real star of the show was this guitar hero. Tae-hwan played excerpts from Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’, backed by neon-lit dancers recreating the musical frequencies of the track like a real-life Guitar Hero.

Yang is no stranger to the stage, as he has been performing in front of large crowds since he was nine years old. He has his own Youtube channel where he posts videos of him playing the guitar and his videos get thousands of views.

People were very impressed with his performance, and took to Twitter & Instagram: