Homes To Lose Gardens And Parking For New Bus Corridor


Up to 1,300 Dublin homes may have to lose gardens and parking places to make way for Bus Connects.

The €2 billion project involves creating a network of 16 expanded bus lanes on the city’s busiest routes.

Average bus speeds on many Dublin routes are about half of what they should be.


Bus Connects is a massive plan to create a network of 16 expanded corridors to make services more reliable and punctual by 2027.

Buses will be given continuous priority on main arteries into town from places like Finglas, Rathfarnham and Clondalkin.

But under the plans to be revealed today, up to 1300 Dublin homes could lose parking and part of their gardens to make way for the change.

It’s reported the National Transport Authority would pay compensation and for gardens to be redesigned, while some of the land would be secured with Compulsory Purchase Orders.