The AC/DC Coins Are Making A killing On Ebay


The AC/DC coins that were recently released by the Royal Australian Mint have surfaced on bidding sites online. The coins are selling in large numbers at over inflated prices on eBay.

Noise 11 reports that the two AC/DC coins, released on October 2, 2018 were retailing for $15 Australian Dollars. That was for the 50 cent coin and you could bag the $5 collectable for $130 Australian Dollars. The 50 cent coin is presently going on eBay for up to a total of $160 and the $5 coin is selling a roughly the $500 mark.

When the Royal Australian Mint made the announcement concerning the collectable coins back on the 2nd of October they were completely gone in roughly 48 hours. Similar to the Irish concert ticket touts, the buyers were mostly opportunists who are now making a quick profit.


Noise 11 observes that ‘the timing of the release of the AC/DC coins seemed ‘strange as it didn’t match any particular benchmark.’ The Mint announced that it marked the groups’ 45th anniversary. That is nothing to really celebrate in terms of rock milestones. 50 would be apter!

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