AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Arrested Again


AC/DC’s alienated drummer Phil Rudd is back in court again after allegedly getting into an altercation with his own security guard.

This latest incident is separate from an ongoing investigation for two separate charges of threatening to kill and possession of a controlled substance.

The Guardian reports that the latest drama involving Rudd, saw him get in an altercation with an unidentified man on Thursday morning. An Eyewitness, Leo Rojas said: “I saw him following a taller, bigger guy and trying to punch the guy.”

Rojas says then a third man entered the ruckus (Rudd’s bodyguard), trying to break up the pair, only to find that he was the drummer’s next victim. “That’s when Phil started punching and kicking his own bodyguard, which I don’t understand,” he said.

After Rudd’s little scuffle with the unidentified man and his own security guard, he returned the cafe he was in before the melee to pick up some of his possessions including his wallet, mobile phone and groceries. “He came back to pick those up and he started yelling to the customers ‘never get involved with the mafia’,” said Rojas.

The Tauranga police have declined to comment on the incident, as their investigation is ongoing.

Rudd’s lawyer casually described it “was a meeting with somebody [Rudd] wasn’t meant to associate with in a shop. It was a chance meeting and then there was contact from that.”

Rudd is still facing marijuana, mephamphetamine posession and threatening to kill charges, with the possibility that he could spend up to seven years in prison.

Rudd’s initial arrest for attempting to procure the murder of two people has been dropped, due to lack of evidence.