Alice Cooper Believes He Got ‘Another Chance’ When He Quit Booze


Alice Cooper finally wised up and decided to get sober 37 years ago. In a recent interview, the rock legend admitted that during the peak of his alcoholism he would down a bottle of whisky every day.

Cooper was arrogant in assuming that he was “indestructible” but when he was informed by a doctor that he was putting his life at risk he had a volte-face.

Cooper turned to religion for guidance and believes it was a “gift from God” that he managed to go teetotal.

Speaking to The I Paper, he Cooper shed light on his ordeal with the booze:: “I was drinking a bottle of VO [whisky] a day. When you’re 25 or 26 you think you’re indestructible. I started throwing up blood and that’s when you’re alarm goes off.”

“The doctor said I give you two months before you join all the other Hollywood vampires, the guys that are gone. I took that seriously.”

Cooper says he felt it was like divine intervention that he didn’t wind up in AA: “I came out totally sober and it was basically a gift from God that I didn’t have to go to AA, so I looked at it this way.”

“God gave me another chance and said, ‘Look I don’t mind you being a rock ‘n’ roller at all but also be a Christian,’ and I went, ‘OK, that sounds good to me.’ “

In the light of his own battles with the drink, Cooper has been able to assist many others that struggle with addiciton. Cooper explained:

“People call me privately and go, ‘Listen don’t tell anyone but I need to find a place to check in.’ And I go, ‘The fact you’re calling me probably means you’re half way home.’ “

According to Music-News Cooper now spends his days when he’s not touring or recording playing golf as it’s positive to be “be addicted to something” that won’t “kill” the rocker.

Cooper said: “I’ve been married to my wife for 43 years and I’ve never cheated on my wife. I play golf six days a week and the reason is I had to find something that was going to be an addiction, because I like being addicted. But I want to be addicted to something that’s not going to kill me.”

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