Alice Cooper’s Not Sure Rock Bands Can Shock Audiences Anymore


Alice Cooper has admitted that he doesn’t think rock bands can actually surprise an audience anymore.

The legendary rocker seems to think that the madness of current affairs has distracted from the potential of shock rock. He told WA Today, “I don’t honestly believe that a rock band can shock an audience anymore… With ISIS, with people shooting cops, with cops shooting blacks, now CNN is so much more shocking than Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper.

Cooper thinks it was much easier to shock an audience in the 70’s, he said “We were much more wholesome. Now, with the Internet, it’s literally impossible to shock an audience”.

He also recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming American presidential election. He told Rolling Stones that rock stars shouldn’t influence their fans votes, he joked “We’re rock stars – we’re dumber than you”.

Speaking of Republican candidate Trump, he said “He’s an interesting character. It seems like he shoots himself in the foot every single day and gets more popular by doing it. It’s the weirdest”.

He also was reminiscent of the time he spent with President Ford at the Friars Club. He told Rolling Stone that golf ultimately prevailed over any cultural differences, “It was so weird to me that it didn’t matter that I was a rock singer and that was the president. What mattered was, how do you turn the ball over a little to the left? It’s really interesting that golf cuts through everything.”

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Photo Credit: Sol E Felipe