Axl Rose Spotted At AC/DC’s Rehearsal Studio


Axl Rose was recently spotted at the same rehearsal studio as AC/DC. It adds more weight to the rumours about him taking the place of Brian Johnson on the remaining dates of the band’s tour.

Initial reports suggested that Axl Rose would be joining the band, but there was no solid evidence backing it up. Now it appears that we have proof that Axl Rose is working with AC/DC.

The news comes by way of TMZ, who spotted Rose coming out of a rehearsal studio shortly followed by the rest of AC/DC. The band were rehearsing at a studio in Atlanta over the weekend.

Ross Young son of former AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, said recently that the rumours of Axl Rose joining the band are true. In a Facebook statement he said “It’s true” and “He can and he will”.

Alternative Nation previously reported the rumours about AC/DC saying “They’re in town [Atlanta], they were auditioning people for the job, and then they flew Axl in, again, this is from my source.” This would certainly fit with the current narrative as Rose was spotted at the same studio as AC/DC in Atlanta.

You can check out the pictures of Rose and AC/DC at the Atlanta studio down below by following the link.


Photo Credit:  Laura Cox