Black Star Riders Sell Out..


I, Black Star Riders Sell Out..n a good way!! The house will be packed for the band’s live debut.

The group, which is formed from the final Thin Lizzy lineup, have just released their debut album, “All Hell Breaks Loose,” and have now sold-out their first live show.

This Thursday, the group will officially launch the new project in the UK with an exclusive concert at The Marshall Theatre at Milton Keynes. The set list will be a combination of new material from the album, along with some Thin Lizzy classics.

“All Hell Breaks Loose” was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Kevin Shirley.

Following Thursday’s debut, Black Star Riders will head over to the continent, performing at the High Rock Festival on June 2 in Germany followed by the Sweden Rock Festival on June 8.

They finally roll into Ireland in December with a show at The Academy. Tickets are on sale now.

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