Brian May Rocks With Younger Self In New Music Video


To mark the reissuing of his debut solo album “Back To The Light”, Brian May has gone back in time to perform with his younger self in a new music video.

A video which you can check out for yourselves below.

Next year will also mark 30 years since its first release. The album also features tracks such as “Driven By You” and “Too Much Love Will Kill You”.

In this video, Brian May enters an empty concert venue, before seeing a vision of himself and the Brian May band performing the title track from his 1992 album. The first Brian May is also wearing a mask.

The 2021 Brian May then begins to perform the track, following a flash of blue light. Both versions of the Queen guitarist close out the track whilst standing next to eachother.

“kind of affectionate looking back”

“I feel kind of affectionate looking back,” May said of the video. “Looking back at me 30 years ago, a young man with no idea of the incredible journey that was still to come”. 

The album has been reissued, but it is to also get a physical release on October 22. Released on 7 vinyl, the album will be coupled with his “Freddie Mercury–inspired” ‘Nothin’ But Blue’.

The rocker’s last album “Another World” came out in 1998. Last week, May also said that his next solo album could be entirely instruemental.

“I do think about it”, he said. “And strangely enough, I think it probably would be instrumental this time. Because I have enough ideas. And I have lots of unfinished business”. 

On top this, May said last month that a possible sequel to the hit Freddy Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody would be “hard to follow”. 

“We have talked about it and at the moment, we don’t see the path towards doing that and unless it jumps out and knocks us over then we won’t do it”, he said.

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