Brian May Says AI Has “Potential” To “Cause Evil” In Stark Warning For Humanity


Brian May has become the latest musician to rage against the cultural phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence.

Across Hollywood, the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild have joined together to go on the picket line as a mark of protest.

The writers are seeking guarantees that they will not lose their jobs to AI, as well as better payment and working conditions, in the first Hollywood strike in 60 years.

This strike has led to the postponement of next year’s Emmy Awards, with the Grammy Awards also banning any AI created music from its categories. 

“major concern”

Becoming the latest artist to voice his concerns regarding its use, Queen’s Brian May has issued a grave warning about AI.

“My major concern with it now is in the artistic area. I think by this time next year the landscape will be completely different. We won’t know which way is up”, May said.

The guitarist continued, “We won’t know what’s been created by AI and what’s been created by humans. Everything is going to get very blurred and very confusing, and I think we might look back on 2023 as the last year when humans really dominated the music scene”.

He also added, “I really think it could be that serious, and that doesn’t fill me with joy. It makes me feel apprehensive, and I’m preparing to feel sad about this”. 

“massively scary”

While admitting that AI is capable of doing some good, Brian May also aired on the side of caution on the subject.

“I think a lot of great stuff will come from AI, because it is going to increase the powers of humans to solve problems”, May said.

However, he insisted that AI has strong potential to cause evil to humanity.

“But the potential for AI to cause evil is, obviously, incredibly huge – not just in music, ’cause nobody dies in music, but people can die if AI gets involved in politics and world domination for various nations. I think the whole thing is massively scary. It’s much more far-reaching than anybody realised – well, certainly than I realised”. 

May’s comments follow the same lines as former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel.

Earlier this year, Gabriel insisted that the introduction of AI, means that nobody’s job is safe, where the music industry is concerned. More on that here.

There have been some musicians who have spoken in favour of AI, like Paul McCartney, who credited it with putting together the “final” Beatles song. Check it out here.