Grammy Awards Ban Music Solely Created By Artificial Intelligence


The Recording Academy have announced that songs which been created through the sole use of Artificial Intelligence, will not be elgible for a Grammy Award.

The Academy stated that artists can still use AI as an aid. However, the human contribution must be the signifcant part.

According to a description, this measure reads, “Only human creators are eligible to be submitted for consideration for, nominated for, or win a Grammy Award. A work that contains no human authorship is not eligible in any Categories”. 

They also added, “The human authorship component of the work submitted must be meaningful and more than de minimis.” This means that artists may use AI as an aid but the human contribution must be the most significant”. 

Elsewhere, no further details were announced regarding how the Academy intends to use AI, or what is being construed as “more than de minimis” in terms of the human contribution.

Ongoing Artificial Intelligence Debate

News of AI being banned by the Grammy Awards comes following the increasing debates regarding the use of AI in music.

Last week, Beatles icon Paul McCartney spoke up for the use of AI, claiming that it has helped to create a final track from the fab four, which will be released later this year.

According to McCartney, AI has helped him to “extricate” the vocals from the late John Lennon on an old demo track, allowing for the tune to be completed.

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