Bruce Springsteen Reveals Unreleased Track


Bruce Springsteen has released a previously unheard track ‘Party Lights’ from his upcoming box set The Ties That Bind:The River Collection. The 7 disc set is due out next month on December 4th.

The box set is comprised of material that was recorded during the making of Bruce Springsteen’s double album The River which released in 1980. All of the outtakes and unused material will feature on the collection.

Speaking about the material Springsteen said “We recorded and recorded and recorded,” adding that “We were in the studio day after day, some of the things I worked hardest on were probably outtakes, you never know where it’s going.”

One of the tracks that slipped through the cracks was ‘Party Lights’ which has now been released in anticipation of the new box set. The song contains lyrics later used in ‘Point Blank’ and in the additional verse that Springsteen added to ‘Jersey Girl’ by Tom Waits.

The new box set from Bruce Springsteen includes 22 outtakes from the recording sessions along with an hour-long documentary and a legendary Springsteen concert from 1980 at Arizona State University.

You can listen to the previously unreleased demo ‘Party Lights’ down below.


Photo Credit: Bob the Lomond