A Cannabis Café Has Opened In Waterford


Blooms Café, a cannabis coffee shop that has just opened it’s doors in Waterford, offers folks the opportunity to taste it’s unique blend of coffee, which contains “high quality cannabis”. Customers are welcome to enjoy coffee that contains high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). The cannabis-infused coffee is legal under EU regulations in Ireland, so people are allowed to experience beverages containing THC content which reportedly contributes to stress relief and relaxation. Despite the style of the coffee shop being inspired by cafés in Amsterdam, customers are forbidden to smoke cannabis on the premises.

Blooms Café stated on their Facebook page:

“High CBD strains are perfect for those who want a relaxing and calming experience but do not want the mind-altering effects that are caused by THC, the compound found in illegal cannabis. CBD does not impair mental function or increase heart rate and is non-toxic. It is proven not to be addictive, it is natural to our bodies and natural to every climate on the planet. It is ideal for the fast moving society that we live in and it can be understood to be like aromatherapy or herbology. It is a plant that is full of beautiful flavonoids and terpenes like lavender or limonene etc. They also state that “We are not medical professionals and do not make health claims about our products. If you have an underlying health condition please consult a medical professional.”