Are You Up For The Challenge? 21 Days Of Green Living…


With #StormEmma still on our radar and a red weather alert surfacing through Spring, maybe we all need to be on high alert to think green going forward.

It has been widely reported that changing weather patterns are linked to how we live and care for our environment.

There are little things we can do each day which will contribute to a greener society, which is why SSE Airtricity are challenging the public to 21 days of powering green.

Taking up the challenge not only helps your cause to win a year’s free 100% Green electricity but it also aids the environment as we make more sustainable choices that will ultimately make a difference to our environment AND our household bills.

Making small changes to our daily habits, thinking about the products we use and how they’re made, or reducing our consumption of resources can have a powerful impact.

Whether it’s choosing locally-sourced or organic food, opting for sustainable fashion and eco-friendly beauty products, or switching to energy from renewable sources, there are many ways to build better green habits for the future.

They say it takes just 21 days to develop a habit, and small steps such as ditching unnecessary appliances in your home, commuting smarter, adjusting your heating thermostat by one degree, or even choosing a veggie option at mealtimes can help you move towards a greener lifestyle.

Speaking at the launch, Baz Ashmawy said: “When I saw some of the facts and statistics from SSE Airtricity, I was blown away by how much energy is wasted without even realising it, and I couldn’t believe how significant an impact adapting just small habits can make to our environmental output as a family. That’s not even something we should be trying to do, it’s a necessity now. I want my kids to grow up in a clean, green country and breathe the freshest air they can.”

SSE Airtricity will be rewarding all those taking up the challenge throughout the three weeks with the opportunity to win special prizes, including a year’s free 100% Green electricity, tickets to The SSE Arena, Belfast, and Dublin Zoo passes.

Start powering green people – it will make the world a greater environment for generations to come.